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Envy [userpic]

I enjoy the time change. It gets dark sooner, and that benefits me.

Gluttony, think you and you’re subordinate should come over for dinner. I’ve missed looking at her face.

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Saint Patrick ☘ [userpic]

Got to spend the weekend with Ella! I took her to Coney Island and she got a bit high on sugar, so afterwards she took an epic nap. It was so nice having her around again. I miss her being here all the time.

She's back with Clio now, so Mairead talked me into watching Riverdale with her, but honestly I think she's looking after me, making sure I don't wallow.

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girl_acedia [userpic]

i've been watching too much CSI. i found a box set and I've watched all of it and now everyone i see is a serial killer.

i have eaten an amazing amount of pot brownies. like... wow. a lot. i can't go outside but i'm so hungry. someone bring me a bucket of cheesy puffs?

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Chance Avaritia "Greed" [userpic]

What the fuck is wrong with you people? I dig Batman but not on a Washington. Defiling money is an abomination. Fuck you sick people. Respect your money bitches. Keep that shit looking like its as crisp as the day it was printed. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh bills. I die a little every time someone shoves money in their pocket like a receipt. Holidays, the time for reprimanding idiots on how to pocket their change and take it from those who abuse it. Crazy fuckers.

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Satan, The Great Deceiver [userpic]

Which of you left this dead body in my penthouse? Was it supposed to be a snack? It's too rotted now.

Also, I'm back from Below.

St. George [userpic]

Hi guys! It's Chelsea, a.k.a., the person who hasn't been around for months >_>

But things are a lot more stable in my life now, and my mom's health is a lot better. So I'd like to dip my toes back in and try to get things rolling again, if anyone is still interested in my peeps.

Ava Grace [userpic]

It's my favorite day in my November! It's RoosterTeeth's Extra Life Day! Charity, comedy, video games - I'm loving it!

Duma [userpic]

[No words, no gifs. Just an embedded video]

20cent_outlaw [userpic]

Not in the mood for little boys that make five year olds look mature. I know I’m a pretty face, but I will not tolerate whining. My mornings are reserved for a strong cup of coffee, I need my coffee. Instead this morning I wasted my time with a manchild who thought it was perfectly okay to stamp his feet on the floor because someone forgot his caramel drizzle. Does no one remember what coffee is? At 5 am, I will handcuff you to the chair you sit in, so a lady can get her damned coffee. He may or may not have ended up with a steaming hot cup of water in his lap when I left.

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Current Music: “Ritual” In This Moment
Jess Van der berg [userpic]

Who: JJ van der Berg, Victor Brannigan, Jesse Delacroix and Nicholas Rowland
What: Cuddles
When: Backdated to Victor's release from hospital
Where: Haus of Sausage
Warnings/Notes: Memories of torture

Forged in pain )

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Lachlan Callum Blackwood [userpic]

[Iain, Stephen and Norah]
I think I want to go back and live with Ciaran again. I think it'll be okay.

I miss you so much.

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Heroin | Diacetylmorphine [userpic]

Christmas is fast approaching, and I'm debating whether to throw a Christmas party in a similar vein to my Halloween masquerade. I'd need to start the planning now, if there's any chance of pulling it together by next month. Thoughts?

Current Mood: pensive pensive
Svetlana Galina Artemyeva | Светлана Артемьева [userpic]

Who: Svetlana Artemyeva and Azrael
What: Some stuff happening!!!
When: Friday evening
Where: Their house
Warnings/Notes: SEX?! (but it'll likely fade to black so just the lead up and afters?)

Wedding bell blues? )

Aidan McAllister [userpic]

So we're back from our honeymoon, which was amazing. I took so many pictures, I got a tan, and I got to see corners of the world I thought I'd never see. So it's back to the job hunt for now, but that's alright. Even though I'm not keen on adulting, it has to be done.

Roksana // Poludnitsa [userpic]

I feel like my tits are going to freeze off any moment now. Send me dreams of a towering inferno.

Berith [userpic]

Chiiiiiildren. You're being very quiet. Shall I come and poke you with sticks?

Hybris | Heather Bryant [userpic]

I fucking offer a kind night out and bitch turns me down so fuck that.

WHo wants to go out and get fucked up?

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Jameson William Kemp [userpic]

I refuse to believe it's only about 7 weeks til Christmas. It feels like my birthday just passed, I mean...where does the time go?

This means I should get my ass in gear for gift shopping now. No one likes being jammed in the mall on Saturday in December. Never again.

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