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Rex Ballis "Oedipus" [userpic]

If another animal shows up on my doorstep I'm calling animal control. I am not a shelter for lost and wayward things. The pet I have is already fat and vomiting all over my floor. If I step in it again I'm shoving her outside. Maybe it's the new food I bought. I'm not going to believe that the fat thing is anything other than fat.

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do_gooddarling [userpic]

Who: John and Isabelle
What: An afternoon off
When: Monday
Where: Isabelle's dorm room
Warnings: TBD

How can I put it into words... )

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Ava Grace [userpic]

Putting on Chase Holfelder's Major to Minor playlist while I paint. Maybe I'll actually have some inspiration. I can't get these brushes to do anything remarkable lately.

St. Christopher | Christopher Fitzgibbon [userpic]

Come back from working in Houston and then around various areas in Florida to find out my landlord has broken contract, shoved all my shit in storage, and kicked me out. So now I gotta find a lawyer and a place to live. No good deed, huh? Fucking fuck.

fierce_spirit [userpic]

Where are the rest of you bastards? Kratos you don't count. Nike, where have you been hiding out? I can't imagine my favorite sister is avoiding me.

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Conchobar mac Nessa [userpic]

Three weeks in Superior court will drive any well to do citizen mad. I hear everything from "I have a planned vacation, work or school". But, I have to say hearing "My galaxy doesn't believe in the law". Clearly, aliens really have come down from Mars---and if they live here, that's not an excuse to get out of jury duty.

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magic_flute [userpic]
25th Symphony

While she Gaga isn't my favorite, I couldn't help but turn this catchy tune into a fugue. I love fugues. I could go on for days with them. Classical music isn't the enemy, just many artists today lack the talent to do anything of real creativity. It's all the glitz and glam and visuals and lack of substance. Do they forget I opened the door to something so much more for later generations? They should be soaking it up. I do believe I made this tune something worth listening to...

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do_gooddarling [userpic]

John, do you happen to have any tickets left for that fundraiser?


Or a date?

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Azrael [userpic]

Heyyyyyy, so I know I've massively fallen down on the RP front. I've been stressed out about...well, a lot of things, most notably the fact that I'm waiting on a decision from the university I applied to. Like, if this doesn't work out, I'm gonna lose my shit, and as a result, my brain has barely been able to string thoughts together lately.

But anyway, hopefully tomorrow I'll get around to replying to things and catching up. I have vodka in me right now, I'm lucky this thing isn't riddled with spelling errors.

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kingofmycenae [userpic]

[Since her mother's letter, Arianna went on and on about meeting her. She didn't realize the custody war she was in between with Menelaus and her mother. Her father had been there since the beginning, her mother she couldn't even remenber, but it was the idea of a parent she'd never had. She was excited as any six (soon to be seven year old) would be. Menelaus however had grown moody, almost sad when he saw her. He wouldn't tell her what was wrong.]

Dad won't tell me what's wrong. My birthday is soon. He won't ask me what I want! I promise it's not a pony!!;! I don't know why he looks so sad.

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kaijin_neko [userpic]

[With the change of leaves, the cooler weather setting in, Bakaneko stretches out of his old man body and into the pretty one. A face he'd taken from another, a woman that had not walked these streets in a few years. A dead one. The mother of a halfling child of Poseidon. That poor child, he'd have to pay her a visit. Oh how deliciously fun.

He looked in the mirror (not admiring the form) but pawing at its long hair and limbs. This would take some getting used to.]

Looking for amusement. The leaves have fallen.

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Briseis [userpic]

WHO: Briseis & Helen
WHEN: Friday night
WHERE: Briseis' apartment
WHAT: Just two gals being pals...

She wasn't sure when enjoying Helen's company had turned to something more )

Hekatê | Ἑκατη [userpic]

' After a six-year hiatus, excavation at the 3,000-year-old Lagina Sanctuary, which houses the biggest temple ever built for Pagan goddess Hecate, will continue. The area is frequented by many local and foreign tourists along with 100,000 Pagans every year.'

It's more than nice to continue being worshiped in the same temple for 3000 continuous years, and to see this one in particular restored will be a gift.

fierce_spirit [userpic]
Make Creativity Happen

Still trying to survive the next week or so guys. 200 orders to do in the next week. AND we has kittens! 3 week old kittens that need to be weened from bottle to solid food in a few weeks. SO TINY GUYS. I've never had such tiny kittens that are so feisty!!! This is Why I have been neglecting my gaming. Lucky and Angela even you haven't heard from me as much!. I apologize!


Time now to Make creativity happen! ➡️➡️My lovely Michael's slogan!

Love you guys and please email me stuffs!!! I also need more icons if this guy and The Saracen if anyone has links or can find any?! Go!

[Poseidon & Co.]

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Sköll | Skander Wulf [userpic]

Trying to take care of a litter of fast-growing pups by myself is exhausting. Tired all the time, but they still have to learn. They're getting better, but they're still young. Still make mistakes. Winter comes soon, though, and they'll have to shape up. Only the strong survive.

Nina Maynard [userpic]

um, I found this in the asian supermarket down the street

cool. cool. that's creamy.

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Saint Patrick ☘ [userpic]

[Friends only]

She left me.

Clio is alive and she's back, but she left me.

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Gerald [userpic]

So one of the young ones was telling me about these things, and apparently you can talk to anyone you like! I love technology, it's always changing. Fascinating.


Libera [userpic]

I know I haven't been posting much or around at all but I've been making something :)

Honos helped )

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Nevermore } an american gods roleplay [userpic]

*falls down on floor*

I have updated the cast list, by which I mean I deleted everything and started from scratch using a new layout that will be 600 times easier/quicker for me to edit in future. I've been putting that off for ages because I knew it would be a task, but now it's done!

(Lara, if you're ever editing it it should be very self explanatory and I've even left notes hidden in the coding to help you)

But I think I've got everyone's characters added/removed/edited as we wanted them, but please let me know if not! It's very likely I've fucked something up somewhere!

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