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So may he himself love, and not gain the thing he loves! )

[Something about seeing Echo try to cut her strings from him before he could do the same of her. She was fleeting away from his comfortable little nest and he didn't like it. If she cut her ties, he'd shrivel up and die. He'd be nothing...Narcissus couldn't be nothing.]

How DARE she treat me like I'm nothing?

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Clearly some people's standards have dropped. It's disgusting.

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Is it too late for me to ask you out for a date horrible girl this is revolting to bring myself to this level

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[Narcissus was still recovering from Eros' trickery. He was meditating through the wave of feelings that had taken over him. And he'd tried to sleep there was a march of boots hitting the floor. He sat up, believing his neighbor was running around again with her ridiculous excuse of a boyfriend. But when he sat upright staring off into the dark room, the street lamp highlighted the hundreds of figures lined up. He heard a command and the stomp of feet was a repetitive stomp. Back and forth, again and again as soldiers would do. The call came out again in German, and that stomping of feet did not cease thought the night.

When he woke, his eyes were bloodshot and he was a willowy mess. Narcissus managed to crawl out of bed at daybreak and found himself wandering the streets like a zombie. This was one time he didn't wish to be alone. He messaged Echo, the only person that could come to mind and he cursed her soon after. How dare she have any power over him!]

I need you...

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Eros you little cretin. How dare you involve me in your ridiculous little holiday?

How. Dare. You.

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There's times I'd like to cut out things I do not like, but I'd end up cutting part of myself. It's a string I can't ever sever and that angers me. I should be able to be in this world without someone dragging at my heels. I should have suspected it was only a matter of time before Echo submerged. That news and the busy bodies for my shoot the other day trying to butter me up with flattery so I would take one of them out. Some of those stick thin girls are piranhas, and have no business being so bold. I would never subject myself to a "date" with a client. What impertinence. My week is already atrocious.

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This weather is destroying my skin. We can all blame Demeter for losing her daughter and dragging out this blasted cursed weather.

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Fashion has gone from sensible to tasteless. I grow continuously disgusted at what people think looks good. Don't even get me started on GaGa. It makes me wonder where this industry is going and why I am a part of it. I'd like to burn them all down and start over. They're destroying me

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[Narcissus had felt himself slipping more and more these last few months. The cracks that had been built inside him since his resurrection were becoming permanent. He could not see his own face in the mirror anymore. It was the face of a stranger and he couldn't find the beauty in it. He had a refreshment on Valentine's with Eros' scattering of arrows. But now, now Narcissus was left back to that dark corner of his mind where he could very well destroy himself. Nothing felt constant anymore.

And the girl he so often pushed away for the sheer fun to bring her down was the one he thought of. Echo was the only constant in his story. Picking her seemed obvious. Whether his attentions were malicious or not had yet to surface, but he was looking for a way to feel like himself again. Maybe in some small way, the little nymph could help.]

My world is in a tailspin. Not dealing with today at all, I am locking it out. All those photographer's and agents can call me when they've brought something worth my time to the table.


Where are you?

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[Narcissus had played this show for months. It could have even been almost a year. He'd almost grown too tolerate of Echo when they were alone. Out in public he was as rude as ever, and little things she did would grate on his nerves. If she picked up on something he'd sworn to like, he would antagonize it later, leaving her to find something else to please him.

She was easy to manipulate now because she actually believed he cared. And maybe in some weird way he did---just not as much as himself.]

What people find in decorating their bodies with tattoos and piercings is beyond me. It's a crude fashion accessory that I find ridiculous. I have other things to take pictures of than someone's name tattooed on your thigh, rear or chest. It is a complete turn off.  Echo, let us hope you are not so dumb.

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